Steam straighteners in the test: these are the best steamers

The perfect result that can be expected from an iron certainly cannot be achieved with the steamer. Nevertheless, these devices offer certain advantages. They are easy to take on a trip and are quickly ready to use to straighten wrinkled clothes.

But steamers are also useful and quickly irreplaceable in the house. For example, bulky curtains can be smoothed out in no time without having to remove them. And even sensitive clothes will thank you if they’re gently smoothed with a steamer instead of abused with a hot iron.

A steamer can also be used when processing upholstered furniture. Because hot steam reduces odors and bacteria. The possible uses of a steam straightener are therefore very diverse. However, it should never be used to iron someone’s clothes. There is a risk of burns.

You should pay attention to this when buying a steam straightener

The most important criterion when buying a steamer is the weight – with a full water tank. There are devices that retain a lot of water, but since such a steamer is to some extent used hands-free, working with devices that are too heavy often becomes a feat.

In addition, you usually do not “iron” mountains of laundry with a steam iron, but process individual garments. Devices with a low basic weight and a small tank are therefore to be preferred.

Another purchase criterion could be the choice of accessories. Different types of fabrics can be optimally processed with different accessories.

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