Steam Deck is still on track to hit its February 2022 release despite its chip shortages and other issues

We already knew that Valve had to move the Steam Deck, its handheld gaming PC, from December 2021 to February 2022 due to the ongoing chip shortage. Thankfully, that appears to be the only delay for the product before its release date, as Valve confirmed that the Steam Deck will hit its new release date with no further delays.

In a recent interview with PCGamer, Valve designer Greg Coomer confirmed the company will not need to postpone the Steam Deck release as the first shipments are still on the way for a February 2022 release. “We are still stunned that we had to move from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. But yes, all the signs are that we can ship in February, ”Coomer told PCGamer.

Despite the February 2022 release confirmed for the Steam Deck, many people who have reserved a unit will not receive their unit until later in the year, as well as earlier this year when reservations were completed in July. “It’s a real launch so many thousands of people will have decks as soon as we can ship them,” Coomer told PCGamer. “But even to speak of thousands would be pretty low compared to the amounts we ingest in the first few months.”

The Steam Deck is one of many gaming handhelds that have been negatively affected by the chip shortage. The Playdate, a quirky little gaming handheld, has also been postponed to 2022. While the Analogue Pocket was also affected by the chip shortage, the release date was reached in 2021. Although new orders won’t ship until next year and the device has increased its price by $ 20.

For more information about the Steam Deck, see the packaging that came with each unit. As well as our practical preview.

Close-up of Valve’s Steam Deck

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