Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch May Be Leaked

A Starfield-themed watch has apparently leaked online, and some fans believe it could appear as part of the Collector’s Edition of the game at launch – or even appear in the game itself.

The watch itself was first spotted in a behind-the-scenes trailer last year (you can see it here at 1:33), but new images have been added posted on the Starfield subreddit by user SquiddyVonn, who added the images to a. has found Draft of the operating instructions from the manufacturer The Wand Company.

Like many smartwatches, the watch seems to have a number of additional functions that go beyond simply displaying the time. In addition to the various designs, the images of the device suggest that wearers can use it for a number of purposes, such as: B. to check the current temperature, humidity and local time for sunrise and sunset at your location.

the Instructions linked to the post apparently offers further insights into the origins of the watch. As shared on Reddit, the manual states that the device is made by UK prop and replica design agency The Wand Company. The company has worked on a number of other notable projects, including various high-quality display-quality Poké Ball replicas, a gesture-based remote control stick, and the collectible Pip-Boy that was released along with certain editions of Fallout 4.

A number of comments on the Reddit post suggested that the watch may be available as part of Starfield’s Collectors Edition, but this has yet to be confirmed by Bethesda.

In a follow-up video from SquiddyVonn on YouTube, the user also suggests that the clock could be used as part of the Starfield UI – pointing out that the display box appears briefly in this first trailer reveal. Since the Pip-Boy is part of the Fallout games’ menu system, the clock in Starfield could work similarly.

Whether the watch will be released as part of the game’s Collectors Edition remains to be seen. However, with its real world versatility and impressive design, it would almost certainly go down as a fan favorite when it was released.

As for Starfield itself, the game will be released on November 11th for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. The game won’t appear on PlayStation consoles following Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda last year. To learn more about Starfield, be sure to check out this article for a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming game.

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