Developer Cloud Imperium Games has now raised a staggering $ 400,000,000 for its space trading and combat simulation Star Citizen – a game that has now been in development for nearly a decade.

Corresponding Star Citizen official website, the game has now generated more than $ 400,000,000 from fan-raised funds. However, despite the generosity of its community, Cloud Imperium Games has not yet released a full version of the game, despite its crowdfunding campaign kicking off back in 2012 – the same year that Bethesda released Dishonored and Ubisoft made waves with Far Cry 3.

While it could be argued that Star Citizen’s long delay in development was due in part to its long list of community-led stretch goals, the last funding goal set by the developer was met in 2014 when the game was $ 63,000,000 dwarfed.

Last year, Star Citizen creator Christopher Roberts told fans that features promised in the game a few years ago were “not a pipe dream” and that it would not take them another “10 to 20 years” to implement them into the game . Since then, the developer has made further efforts to keep fans updated on the latest changes to the game – the last update post from CIG came on November 17th and contains a number of notes on the latest build for the game’s alpha.

Star Citizen – Star Marine FPS mode pictures

Despite the updates, fan frustration with the game peaked earlier this year when a Reddit user reported the company to the UK Advertising Standards Agency for a lack of visibility into sales of “concept ships” for the game. Following the complaint alleging that the studio misled its customers by failing to clearly state that the concept ships for sale were not actually available in the game, the studio received a notice from the ASA stating that it has to be more transparent in the future.

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