STALKER 2 developers respond to NFT criticism

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl developer GSC Game World has received criticism for its. reacted Decision to include NFTs in its upcoming first person shooter game.

In one now deleted tweet On the official STALKER game account, GSC explained its decision to include NFTs and urged fans to “hear us and understand our reasons”. It’s unclear why GSC deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted on Thursday afternoon US time, but the general sentiment in the community seems negative, or at best unmotivated.

Here is a screencap of the now deleted instruction.

All of the money GSC makes from the sale of NFTs will be used towards game development costs, GSC said.

“Why did we choose NFT?” is the statement. “It’s a new technology and we are keen to get NFT right, to allow certain fans to jump into the game without affecting other players’ experience. Because of this, the tokens are completely optional and have no impact on the gameplay or story (no weapons, quests, locations, etc.) and can only be activated before the game is released [date]. “

GSC has announced that it will make a number of NFTs for STALKER 2, but one specific draw is a token that the owner can use to become an in-game NPC, provided they can get to the GSC studio in Ukraine after successful bidding for the NFT . An auction will take place in January 2022, at which the winner will receive the prize to become a “metahuman” in STALKER 2, which GSC names in STALKER 2. The winner can also sell their prize token to other people if they wish.

Other NFTs GSC plans to include: nicknames / names of players on in-game items or architecture, gloves, tattoos, skins and badges for multiplayer, and trading cards. GSC works with the NFT marketplace “DMarket” to enable auctions and trading cards.

GSC added that their decision to partner with DMarket was influenced by a desire to minimize carbon emissions and other harmful effects of the blockchain.

In short: GSC appears to be implementing NFTs in STALKER 2 when it hits the market in April 2022.

Ubisoft Quartz – This is how the blockchain-powered NFT system works

NFTs have quickly become a divisive and often derided topic in the video game and technology world. Great studios and Companies like Ubisoft and Fable creator Peter Molyneux implement NFTs into their respective games, including simple cosmetics and more elaborate purchases.

“Hey brother, you don’t need NFTs or blockchain to pre-sell unique bespoke items in your game,” said Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted. “I don’t into that because it’s kind of a shitty version of ad placement. But it’s been done for years and you don’t need NFTs for it. Anyway – I love your work! “

Meanwhile, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has found unkind words about blockchain and NFT implementation, calling them “more exploitative than entertainment.”

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