Spider-Man: No Way Home Director produces Final Destination Reboot

Spider-Man: No way home Director Jon Watts is producing a new one final destination Restart.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 40 year old Spider Man filmmaker has joined the creative team of the upcoming Final Destination reboot and will produce the film after also writing its treatment.

Final Destination 6, as it is currently known, will reboot the popular horror franchise, with the film slated for an HBO Max release.

Final Destination first terrified audiences in 2000. Directed by James Wong, it tells the story of a teenage boy who cheats on death after a premonition. But after he and some of his classmates avoid a catastrophic airplane explosion, death gradually begins to come back for them.

After making $ 112 million worldwide on a budget of just $ 23 million, Final Destination soon became a successful franchise, with each new film focusing on a new set of characters.

The concept proved popular, depicting death as an unstoppable force affecting each of the survivors in each episode … often in conjunction with the events of previous films.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a sixth film. Series creator Jeffrey Riddick and producer Craig Perry discussed theirs back in 2020 Plans for the imminent rebootwhich they say avoids being a “cash grab”.

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