Michael Keaton, who made a late career in superhero films, announced that he will be shooting new Vulture footage this week.

At an appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live On November 17th, Keaton was asked about his upcoming return as Bruce Wayne / Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. But meanwhile, Keaton also revealed that he will repeat his role as Vulture.

“I’m shooting tomorrow – I’m taking pictures of vulture stuff,” shared Keaton. When asked to elaborate on something, Keaton just repeated “vulture stuff”.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 2 screenshots

Keaton explained how, because the nature of filming a superhero movie can be so mysterious and messy that he doesn’t even bother asking too many questions on set. That’s why he didn’t ask WB whether George Clooney or Val Kilmer would also be featured in the upcoming Flash film.

Funnily enough, Keaton isn’t the first Spider-Man villain to reveal his involvement in an upcoming Spider-Man movie through an interview. Alfred Molina spoke openly about playing Doc Ock again in Spider-Man: No Going Home months before his return was confirmed.

Keaton has not revealed why he is shooting additional Vulture scenes or for which film. While the odds are high, it could be for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the connected MCU means Keaton could pop up just about anywhere.

If he shows up in No Way Home it would make a lot of sense as the film surprisingly focuses on the villains of Spider-Man. Also, check out IGN’s 5 burning questions we have after seeing the brand new trailer.

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