Sparkasse Sends Thousands of Termination Letters: Bank Customers Need to Be Careful Here Now

In October 2020, Sparkasse Nürnberg increased the prices for current accounts. Under the old rule, customers did not have to agree for the adjustment to take effect. The judgment in April 2021 changed that, so the institute informed all customers in August 2021 that the terms and conditions had to be approved in order to continue using the account in the future.

The spokesperson goes on to explain that between May and July 2021, all customers were refunded for overpaid account fees. Nevertheless, the Bavarian Consumer Advice Center advises you to check the terms and conditions carefully before accepting them.

The Bavarian Consumer Advice Center further points out that refund claims can be valid for at least three years. The federal association VBZ even calls for a period of ten years. The spokesperson explains that “refund requests are not lost in the event of retroactive approval of the terms and conditions”. However, you will not be transferred automatically.

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