Sound optimizer for Netflix & Co.: audio tool for streaming

Equalizer APO is a system-wide equalizer for Windows. During installation, you can specifically select the devices for which the software should be installed. A restart of Windows is then necessary. APO stands for Audio Processing Object, an audio engine built into Windows for many years and on which the equalizer is based. Typically, you’re adapting lightweight software that makes Windows sound options graphically accessible.

Launch the Equalizer APO configuration editor and start the music or your Netflix series. For a first try, turn on the preamp or play with the graphic equalizer. The “15-band” setting is quite sufficient here, but the software also allows finer adjustment. Simply drag the sliders with the mouse.

Each configuration can be saved, for example one for live music, for rock, cinema or games. Even more options are available to you via the little green plus sign. You can then select individual devices or channels or play around with filters and plugins.

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