On Thursday, the tour company responsible for the Millennium Tour, G Squared Events, decided to temporarily remove Soulja Boy from the tour after the fatal shooting of Young Dolph.

On Instagram, they wrote: “In response to the tragic death of rap artist Young Dolph, Millennium Tour 2021 Tour promoter G-Squared Events has decided that rapper Soulja Boy will stop during the tour this weekend in St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee. “

The statement went on to say, “To ensure the safety of the artists and patrons of the Millennium Tour 2021, tour representatives are exercising caution and wanting to make a wise decision to be safe. ‘The safety and well-being of our guests are our top priority.’ said a representative from G-Squared Events. “We pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality concert experiences. During times like these, we won’t stop at anything to make sure everyone who takes part in these experiences is healthy, safe and, frankly, having a good time. ‘”

Soulja Boy joined TSR and said, “I’m still getting paid, what does his dying have to do with me? I’m trying to see my fans? “

This comes after the rapper had a few things to say about Dolph. Last week, Dolph wrote on his IG Stories that he received $ 100,000 for his shows and reiterated that he was an independent artist.

Soulja Boy replied and said, “This is fucking crazy because he signed a fucking record deal and his whole thing is ‘I’m independent’.” He went on to say: “N *** a I lied? You signed with Empire,” Soulja explained live on Instagram.

Soulja Boy also released a single called “Stretch Some” which received backlash. Many said the song was insensitive considering Dolph was just killed.

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