Sony’s new OLED 4K TVs are designed for the PS5

search for 4K television Complementing the latest consoles perfectly can still be a challenge given the hurdles of HDMI 2.1 and variable refresh rate (VRR) support, but Sony’s latest TVs seem perfect for that Xbox Series X and especially the PS5.

First off, Sony promises that all of its new 2022 TVs will support VRR out of the box, which means you can enjoy consistently smooth frame rates with both consoles. Sony recently released a new update to its current and new TVs that lets the PS5 recognize which TV you’re using and automatically sets HDR settings – you no longer have to move fiddly brightness and darkness sliders.

Sony A95K series

In addition to the software functions, Sony of course offers a lot of new hardware in the form of new televisions. Sony’s new flagship of the A95K series only has a new QD OLED panel, in which each individual diode no longer relies on a white subpixel to provide the luminosity. Instead, Sony applied a layer of quantum dots that absorbs the light from the OLEDs and scatters it in different directions, which in turn improves the viewing angles.

Another result of this new XR Triluminos Max technology is that no colors are washed out by a white element in the OLED panel. Sony claims that users can expect 200% more color compared to other competing TVs.

Sony A90K Series OLED 4K TVs

Sony A90K Series OLED 4K TVs

Sony also has new 42- and 48-inch variants of its slightly cheaper A90K-series OLED TVs that finally match LG’s compact options Gaming tv.

Sony hasn’t announced prices or release dates for any of its 2022 TVs yet, but that information is usually released just before spring.

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