Sonic Frontiers was originally intended to be launched last year to celebrate Sonic’s 30th birthday

Sonic Frontiers was originally supposed to be released last year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sonic series, but Sega decided to postpone its arrival in order to improve the game.

The news of the late arrival of the game comes as part of Segas recently Investor questions and answers in December, where the company discussed the upcoming release of Sonic Frontiers, among other things.

When asked whether Sonic Frontiers was an open world concept or not, Sega said that fans would have to wait a little longer for more details as the game is released.

“Originally the release was planned for this year, the 30th anniversary of Sonic,” explained Sega in his reply, “but we have postponed the release for a year to improve the quality further.

“Not only for this title, but during the development phase, we have been doing constant analysis to improve the quality of the title before it was released, z game and we have high expectations for it.”

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Lands Pictures

In addition to talking about the studio’s quality-driven development approach, Sega also spoke briefly about the game’s pricing. As part of a broader response to the company’s sales strategy, Sega stated that it will try to keep Sonic Frontiers’ price tag by making sure the Sonic IP is high in value.

The company’s goal is to avoid lowering its price early after its launch in order to increase sales – a strategy that companies sometimes use when a title lacks quality when it goes to market and when it is first sold, which is poor.

Sonic Frontiers is currently aiming for a release in late 2022. For more information about the game, see this article, which describes everything related to announcing the game.

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