Something for every graphic designer: graphics tablets for beginners and advanced users

A graphics tablet is a useful device when it comes to creative work: design, illustration, image editing and modeling are just a few of the uses. However, a professional graphics tablet can quickly become very expensive – not necessarily a worthwhile investment, especially for hobbyists, as you can get good graphics tablets with enough features at an acceptable price. A practical side effect: graphics tablets with screens can also be used as a mobile second monitor.

What to pay attention to when buying a graphics tablet:

  • Resolution: The higher the resolution, the better you can see the details of your drawings.
  • Sensitivity to pressure: You can use pressure sensitivity to vary the depth of your stroke, among other things.
  • Tracking speed: Here you have to be very careful about the input lag. If it’s too high, drawing doesn’t quickly become more fun.
  • display size: Bigger isn’t always better here. The main thing here is to know what you want to use the tablet for, whether it should always be mobile and whether you also want to use it as a second monitor.

We have four recommended for you Graphic tablets with screens for beginners selected.

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