Something for every gamer: the best gaming keyboards in the test

The Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 keyboard is CHIP’s buy recommendation for the entry-level class. Sharkoon uses the “Rubber Dome” principle here – so it’s not a mechanical keyboard. Considering the price, it’s no surprise that plastic is mostly used for the keyboard. Nevertheless, it looks anything but cheap. The equipment is convincing: up to three profiles or five macros can be stored in the keyboard – the corresponding keys are located above the function keys. There are also five media keys on the right edge of the keyboard.

The typing is generally good. However, the “rubber dome” effect sets in as you type longer, making keystrokes appear spongy and imprecise. The Skiller SGK5 connects with a USB 2.0 Type-A cable. To be able to use all functions, you must download the appropriate software from the manufacturer’s website.

The Skiller SGK5 is suitable for those who want to add a gamer touch to their PC. Given the “Rubber Dome” mechanism, the keyboard is only recommended for beginners or price-sensitive gamers.

The table below gives you a quick overview of the best gaming keyboards. You can find more information about the individual products as well as general advice and information in our detailed buying advice.

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