Somebody built a whole new Doom game in Minecraft and it looks wild

Even if we have now stepped into 2022, it doesn’t mean fans will stop making extreme efforts to ensure you can play Doom on pretty much anything you want. Doomed: Demons of the Nether is the latest fan-created project to successfully translate the franchise – this time in the form of a Minecraft map that looks absolutely wild.

The map itself was created by Sibogy mud and even has its own trailer (which you can check out below). According to a post by the fan developer on Reddit, the adventure map took two years to create, uses data packets, command blocks, and a custom resource pack, and will be completely free to download for everyone.

The game is based on the current Doom games from id Software, but is not an exact copy. Speak with PC player Sibogy said of the creation: “I didn’t want to make a 1: 1 copy because at that point you might as well be playing Doom. If something was fun, I tried.”

The adventure map itself contains four different levels for players to work through, including Mars, The Foundry, The UAC Facility, and The Nether, plus a range of cutscenes, boss fights, and more. The map package is currently available for download. to disposal Sibogy’s website. While the download itself isn’t particularly difficult, the site also provides a number of installation instructions so you can get started as soon as possible.

Image source: Sibogy

Image source: Sibogy

The fan-made version of the franchise follows a number of other attempts by the Doom community to spread the game’s universe as widely as possible. Just a few months ago, IGN reported on another Doom project that allowed players to follow in the footsteps of the series’ iconic Doom Marine via Twitter. The creation of a Tweet2Doom bot on the social media platform enabled players to respond in tweet form using various prompts to go through the game in an almost turn-based manner.

For more information on Doom, check out this December article that describes how to use a VR experiment to teach rats to roam around on various Doom maps.

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