Socket outlets with USB and remote control: this is how you easily save electricity

Before buying a power strip, you must first determine what devices will be connected to it. Do they have a regular catch? Or are they powered by a USB connection? Only when these questions have been clarified can one decide on the size of the power strip. The distance to the nearest wall outlet should also be clarified. Because nothing is more annoying than when you want to connect a newly purchased socket strip and the cable is then a few centimeters too short.

The design of the power strip could be decisive for the purchase. While some power strips are floor-standing, others can be wall-mounted.

Safety plays a very important role when choosing the power strip. Because, especially when many devices are connected here, a lot of energy flows. Before the power strip is overloaded, which in the worst case could cause a fire, the maximum power must be checked. This is often 3500 W and 16 A. Information about this is usually on the back of the bar.

In order to protect the connected devices, for example in the event of a lightning strike, it is important that the power strip also has overvoltage protection. This prevents excess energy from being routed to devices and potentially damaging them. Sometimes device protection insurance is included in the purchase price of the power strip, the amount of coverage for which may vary.

Speaking of safety: when choosing the right power strip, it’s also important to know where it should be installed. Power strips used in bathrooms and kitchens should at least have splash protection. In most cases, this is not necessary in the living room, unless the power strip is near a place where houseplants are watered regularly.

The final safety criterion is child safety. These are often small plastic disks that seal the openings of the socket strips so that a plug can enter them, but children’s little fingers cannot penetrate them.

Once all these points are clarified, the question of convenience could also play a role. Because especially when the power strip is hard to reach, it’s a blessing if it can be controlled via remote or app. Some power strips are even so convenient that individual devices can be turned on and off remotely.

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