So you can easily watch “Dinner for One” on New Year’s Eve

Whether Schwizerdütsch, Platt or Hesse: “Dinner for One” is also a must for New Year’s Eve in dialects. Millions of viewers continue to tune in as the year ends.

Miss Sophie’s 90th birthday is almost unknown in England, “Dinner for One” only aired in Britain in 2018. Another absolute New Year’s classic is the skit in Sweden, South Africa and Switzerland, among others.

The recording from July 8, 1963 at the Theater am Besenbinderhof in Hamburg is broadcast every year on New Year’s Eve with the particularly warm laughter of Sonja Götz, whose husband worked as a lighting designer in the production of the show.

On New Year’s Eve 2022 there will once again be 18 performances on ARD’s first and third programs, including many dialect versions. There is something for every schedule.

By the way, if you want to remain particularly flexible and don’t want to be guided by the many broadcasts, you can also watch “Dinner for One” at any time in the ARD media library. Not only is the original there, but other versions are also available.

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