Smartwatches up to 200 euros: These are the best watches at a low price

Of course, the low price here isn’t just down to the age of the devices, cheaper models often come in slimmed-down versions. In the smartphone market, this has been the norm for a long time. In addition to the lightweight models, there are also pro models that are better equipped and at the same time cost significantly more.

You don’t necessarily have to make big compromises with cheap smartwatches. The differences are partly reflected in missing high-end features, lower battery lives, or the processing of cheaper materials.

In the test center, the smartwatches are tested and rated in the categories of equipment, operation and battery life. None of the models up to 200 euros fared remarkably badly. On the contrary: despite the low price, some devices can do more than more expensive smartwatches. For example, in terms of working memory, display resolution or battery capacity, some of the inexpensive models even beat the current test winner from Apple.

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