Small device, big effect: with it you reduce heating costs

Sooner or later, almost all water-filled radiators start gurgling – and the longer you ignore the sound of small air bubbles, the worse it gets. The air in the radiator is not only annoying, it also prevents the radiator from heating up completely.

To bleed the radiator, each model is fitted with a valve which can usually be turned with a small radiator wrench to allow air to escape. It’s quick to do, but you have to repeat it regularly.

If you need to bleed your heater more often, you should use an automatic radiator bleeder immediately. The small device is simply replaced with the existing valve – nothing more can be done. An automatic radiator bleeder costs between 3 and 4 euros.

One of the best-known automatic radiator vents, for example, comes from Durovent.

Our assessment:

An automatic radiator bleeder ensures an always optimal flow rate – and therefore also maximum efficiency. The Durovent 5-Pack is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 630 reviews.

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