Sleep better: that’s what weighted blankets are for

Externally, a weighted blanket, also called a therapeutic blanket, does not differ from a normal blanket. However, if you hold such a heavy blanket in your hand, the difference quickly becomes clear: the blanket can weigh several kilograms. Very heavy therapeutic blankets even reach a weight of 10 kilograms. The high weight is achieved by stitched spheres, which are mainly made of glass in premium products. Cheaper weighted blankets, on the other hand, often use plastic balls.

However, one should not overdo it with the weight. As a general rule, a weighted blanket should be no more than 10% of its own weight. With a body weight between 60 and 70 kilograms, you should choose a blanket between 6 and 7 kilograms.

This information applies to healthy adults, not children or people with breathing or constriction problems. Especially in the case of illnesses, you should definitely clarify in advance whether a weighted blanket makes sense or whether it will do more harm than good.

In the following overview we show you three recommended weighted blankets. If you want to know more about blankets or the product category in general, you should also check out our detailed buying advice.

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