Developer Smallthing Studios and publisher Leonardo Interactive have announced the return of the 1990’s point-and-click adventure classic series Simon the Sorcerer in the form of Simon the Sorcerer: Origins, an adventure-game prequel to the 1993 original.

As you can see in the announcement trailer above, Origins styles itself after a ’90’s Saturday morning cartoon, which both modernizes its look over the MS-DOS originals while also grounding it in a fittingly retro style as well. Origins is set a few weeks before the events of the first game, which saw Simon’s dog Chippy accidentally uncover Ye Old Spellbooke in a chest in the loft of his house, which opens a portal once Simon opens the book, enticing Chippy to go through it and Simon to follow.

Simon the Sorcerer: Origins – First Screenshots

“It has been a long time wish of ours to revive one of the gaming industry’s best loved and iconic characters,” said Leonardo Interactive founder Leonardo Caltagirone. “Our goal will be to create a new world brought to life with beautiful modern visuals and all new gameplay mechanics to tell the untold story of Simon’s origins.”

IGN will have more on Simon the Sorcerer: Origins as development progresses. Origins is due out for PC and consoles in early 2023.

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