Shower gel on trial: these are the winners

There are many shower gels on the market and in a wide variety of price ranges. From cheap own brand shower gels under one euro to very expensive brands that cost up to 30 euros.

But which shower gel is the best? Experts try to find out in regular tests. The ÖKO-Test experts focus on the ingredients – they must be particularly low-polluting. Our partner AllesBeste, on the other hand, shows full physical commitment and put the shower gel products through a practical test. ÖKO-TEST and AllesBeste have tested different products, but they always agree on one thing. Even though the AllesBeste test winner is a very expensive product, many well-known brands fail ÖKO-TEST and AllesBeste. Many inexpensive products work well or very well.

In the following we show you the winners and losers of the shower gels in the test at ÖKO-TEST and AllesBeste.

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