Sew it yourself in no time: this is the best sewing machine

Couture has been enjoying great popularity again for quite some time, and not only in this country. Buying a sewing machine can make sense, especially for large sewing projects. The purchase of such a machine can pose major problems for laymen and beginners in particular: the choice of different types of devices from different manufacturers is large – it is easy to lose track.

In order to help customers in their search for the right sewing machine, Stiftung Warentest subjected a total of 13 devices to an extensive test – a total of eleven normal machines and two sergers used by seamstresses were examined.

This shows that while the best sewing machines usually cost more than 600 euros, there are devices in the price range of 400 to 600 euros that deliver excellent results and convince with beginner-friendly handling.

In the following table you can see the top products clearly summarized. All general information and details on the individual products can be found in our detailed purchase advice.

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