Sega will ditch NFT plans if fans see it as “easy money-making”

Sega is reassessing its plans to roll out NFT content after receiving negative feedback from the community following its initial announcement on the issue.

As reported by Nintendo life, Sega’s NFT plans were published in a recent Leadership meeting where Sega CEO Haruki Satomi, CFO Koichi Fukazawa and COO Yukio Sugino came together to discuss a number of topics related to the company, including its growth strategy, and found that “nothing is decided” about NFTs, blockchain or play -to-earn content.

“With regard to NFT, we would like to try different experiments and have already started many different studies and considerations, but nothing has been decided on P2E at this point [Play-to-Earn]”noted one participant.” There have been many announcements about this, including overseas, but there are users who have had negative reactions at this point. “

The speaker highlighted several areas that may need to be considered before the company makes a final decision on whether to “sell NFT digital content using blockchain technology” in collaboration with game developer double . continues. as per the announcement of Sega in April last year.

“We have to carefully weigh many things such as how to mitigate the negative elements, how far we can introduce this into Japanese regulation, what will and will not be accepted by users,” they added. “Then we will continue to ponder whether this leads to our ‘Constantly Creation, Forever Captivating’ mission, but if it is perceived as making money I would like to make a decision not to proceed.”

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are currently largely unregulated entities that are often used for fraud purposes and are accused of enormous negative impact on the environment due to the energy used in the electronic mining of currencies. Steam has already banned blockchain games, but some companies are still moving on with their NFT plans.

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