Security, benefits, problems: the most important smart home questions and answers

Meanwhile, the smart home application market is huge. There are hundreds of products to choose from depending on your needs. The easiest way to get started is to use the mentioned language assistants.

The advantage: Many other applications can be controlled through them. However, Amazon and Google, as market leaders, act very restrictively. Your voice assistants generally only work with selected products from other vendors.

Smart plugs are also very simple. They usually consist of an adapter that you insert into the outlet. It can be controlled using a smartphone app. So if a lamp is plugged into the socket, you can turn it on and off with your mobile phone and also program the switch at specific times.

With smart LED lights you can control the brightness and colors of your rooms, with smart thermostats the temperature. Robot vacuum cleaners and garage door openers can also be operated remotely and increase living comfort.

Another important goal of smart home apps is security. For example, there are smart doorbells that use a video camera to record who is outside the door and let you know via the internet. Combined with a smart door lock, you can even open and close the front door via the app.

Of course, there are also network cameras without a doorbell. Smart smoke detectors, on the other hand, not only howl in the event of a fire, but also turn on all the lights so you can find your way outside more quickly in an emergency. If you are not at home, report the fire on your smartphone.

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