Secure PureVPN for less: stream everything, surf anonymously

There are many online services that work with country blocks (geo-blocking), such as streaming offers. But national borders do not only play a role when streaming. Many online shops, for example, also react to the country of origin in order to then adjust the price accordingly.

With a VPN service, you can easily bypass these blocks and ideally benefit from lower prices in the neighboring country. As soon as the service is activated and set to the appropriate country, you can also stream live TV from there, for example, or use corresponding subscription services such as HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+ and others.

Another advantage of VPN services is that you can surf the net anonymously.

Anyone who chooses a VPN service can in principle use a free one, such as TOR. The issue here, however, is speed: performance isn’t good enough for convenient streaming or downloading.

Paid services promise significantly more performance here. One such service is PureVPN, which you can currently get at a significantly discounted price.

Our assessment

In our test, PureVPN achieved good results with good operation and good equipment. Measured download speed of 136 Mbit/s and upload speed of 37.2 Mbit/s are decent compared to direct competitionnot the best though. PureVPN is very cheap for this.

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