Scott Pilgrim anime is said to be in development for Netflix

Scott Pilgrim may return soon as an anime courtesy of Netflix, with its original creator involved in the project.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a Scott Pilgrim revival is being developed for release on the streaming platform. Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is with Are You Afraid of the Dark? Involved in the project as a writer and executive producer. Revival showrunner BenDavid Grabinski was also there. The couple will act as showrunners when the series gets the go-ahead.

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The anime production studio Science SARU, which was involved in Star Wars: Visions among others, will produce animations for the series if it gets the green light.

Fans recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Scott Pilgrim film, directed by Edgar Wright, which was released in 2010. As part of the celebrations, Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim Beat ’em up was also republished on modern platforms.

Scott Pilgrim, originally a six-part comic series, is the story of a man in his mid-twenties who lives in the mysterious land of Toronto in Canada and has to defeat the seven evil exes of his crush. The film surprisingly managed to condense the entire story into one film, but in many ways it is better suited to a television format that has the potential to give the characters some room to breathe and unfold.

It appears to be at the very beginning of the project and it is not known whether it will eventually be realized. The film is still holding up quite well now.

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