Scary result: Chicken thighs tested by Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest experts tested the smell and appearance of raw meat as well as the smell and taste of the already prepared version (without spices, etc.).

Testers even say of an Aldi product: “Raw thighs smell slightly putrid and dull, taste very slightly dull.” These are “my butcher’s chicken thighs with back”. In the same product, laboratories also find Salmonella in one out of four packs. The supermarket giant’s own brand Edeka is doing the same. Salmonella was also discovered here in one of four packs of “Gut & CHEAP Chicken Thighs with Loin”. Overall, both products score 4 and receive the “good enough” test result.

Two organic products obtained the best results. Although the testers preferred the thighs from Rewe Bio, the chicken thighs from Biofino won the overall score. Because: Biofino also convinces when it comes to animal welfare. Third place is occupied by Lidl thighs, they are the “cheapest best” in the test.

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