Save when shopping: With this app you get free items from Edeka

As a participant in the Pleasure+ program, you will receive a free article from Edeka each week. It can be a yoghurt, a packet of vegetables or a drink, for example. The only condition is a purchase value of more than 5 euros, easy to reach for weekly shopping or even just for lunch, and participation in the program. If you are already using the Edeka app for Android or iOS, you can use it to redeem the coupons after signing up for Genuss+, but you can no longer collect additional points.

To accumulate points, you must scan a code in the application during payment and you will then be credited with one point for every 2 euros. If you pay directly with the mobile app, you get an extra point per purchase. Depending on the points you accumulate, you will receive bronze, silver or gold status and additional discount coupons depending on the status. Too bad that not all subsidiaries in Germany participate in the Genuss+ program. Especially in Bavaria and Berlin there are hardly any Edeka stores where you can collect points.

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