Save photos from the Game Boy camera on a microSD card thanks to the analog pocket

We already knew the Analogue Pocket supported Nintendo’s Game Boy camera accessories. But soon you will be able to make better use of your unconventional camera, because with the Analogue Pocket you will soon be able to transfer your low-resolution grayscale images to a microSD card.

As first reported by Gizmodo, the upcoming firmware update 1.1 of the Analogue Pocket offers the possibility to transfer photos from the Game Boy Camera to a microSD card. The Game Boy Camera allows you to store up to 30 photos on the cassette, but it offers a much more modern solution.

Analog pocket – gameplay pictures

When the accessory was launched in 1998, you had the option to have these photos over a. to print out Game Boy printer. This method isn’t entirely feasible these days because the thermal printer accessories use proprietary thermal paper, which is what makes it so something complicated to print these pictures.

Fortunately, the upcoming firmware update for the Analogue Pocket will work around the problem. However, Gizmodo notes that there is no set release date on which the update will be rolled out Analog website. However, if you have a Game Boy Camera and have managed to get your hands on the modern third-party gaming handheld, you are about to experience a real treat.

For more information on Analogue Pocket, please see our handheld review, which we named “the best way to enjoy your handheld game collection.”

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