Save 400 euros: 40 GB high-speed data volume from 20 euros

Persons under the age of 29 can get the particularly cheap rate. For only 19.99€ (instead of the usual 34.99 euros) per month, people aged at least 18 and at most 28 can subscribe to the tariff at a particularly advantageous price. Then o2 will also offer you the regular connection fee of EUR 39.99. The total saving over a 24 month contract period is a whopping 399.99 EUR – 15 EUR each per month (24 months x 15 EUR = 360 EUR) plus 39.99 EUR (regular connection fee).

In addition to the high-speed data volume, with which you can surf the 5G network at up to 300 MBit/s, depending on availability, the o2 Grow 40 GB+ tariff naturally also has all the other advantages you expect from your phone mobile tariff. A flat rate for all networks allows free calls to all German mobile and landline networks. An SMS package to all German networks is also on board. Those who like to travel will also be delighted with the included EU roaming, thanks to which you can use your smartphone in other EU countries as carefree as at home.

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