Save 40% on PayPal payments with a price tip? That’s why you should be careful here

In this case, of course, the question immediately arises whether this can be legal or whether it is already fraud. CHIP therefore asked lawyer Christian Solmecke:

“Clients probably have nothing to fear from criminal law.” You are not committing fraud, you are simply using a loophole in the system. VISA’s terms and conditions also do not prohibit such transfers. However, the first credit cards are probably already blocked in order to prevent further exploitation of the gap. However, VISA must claim the damage from the Argentine government.

However, users should be careful. “The bottom line is that according to PayPal’s terms and conditions […] “no currencies for speculative transactions […] or other activities […] convert [darf]with which money is to be earned or generated mainly on the basis of exchange rates.” Pure transfers, with which money is generated from “nothing”, could therefore be counted again. For “contracts of sale, in which money is not primarily generated, but goods are purchased”, this should not apply.

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