Samsung’s OLED TV takes the top spot: the picture quality in particular is impressive

When it comes to image quality, the 65-inch Samsung GQ65S95B Nothing to be desired: We measured a maximum brightness of 1042 cd/m² in dynamic mode and 1020 cd/m² in filmmaker preset mode. The checkerboard contrast of 236:1 is also impressive. 99.9% of the DCI-P3 color space is covered so that HDR images are displayed very dynamically.

The BT.2020 superordinate color space is nearly 84% covered. Moving objects are depicted with sharp edges and no double outlines. When it comes to displaying HDR content, the 65-inch TV is limited to the internal HDR10+ format – too bad, as Dolby Vision would come into its own here too.

With an extremely low delay time of ten milliseconds, gamers will also get their money’s worth. A small drawback is due to the triangular arrangement of the sub-pixels: with very hard contrasts, color fringing appears on the horizontal edges.

The built-in 2.2.2 speaker system, each with two bass, ensures good Dolby Atmos sound that can go way beyond room volume. An S/PDIF output and the third HDMI socket with an extended audio return channel (eARC) are available for external audio systems.

In terms of equipment, the GQ65S95B has almost everything you would expect from a TV of this class: Two triple tuners provide TV reception via cable (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S2) and antenna (DVB-T2). The Tizen operating system provides you with popular apps and streaming services. Network connections are wired via LAN or wireless via WLAN.

All four HDMI interfaces come with 2.1 specifications such as 4K transmission at 120 Hertz, Variable Frame Rate (VRR), and Auto Game Mode (ALLM). We rate the power consumption of the 65-inch TV as “very good”: we measured a power consumption of 128 watts for images with standard dynamic range and around 165 watts for high-dynamic HDR videos.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

“Samsung’s GQ65S95B features the new OLED panel with quantum dot technology. We like it for its excellent picture quality. The 65-inch 4K TV is very bright, displays intense colors and displays images in movement is almost flawless.Also, the powerful sound on a wide level, clear and without distortion.The equipment could be more elegant.

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