Samsung Galaxy S23: Apparently there are hardly any design differences from the predecessor

Ice Universe writes that Samsung will further reduce the size of the Galaxy S23’s front camera cutout. In addition to the smaller camera, the device will also use a larger metal frame in the middle. The edge of the screen should be 3mm at the top and both sides and 3.2mm at the bottom.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23+, the display bezel at the bottom end of the device should only be 3.1mm wide including the metal frame. With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the edge of the screen should be 2.2mm wide at the sides, 2.7mm at the top, and 3.6mm at the bottom.

In addition, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is even less rounded on the sides than on the predecessor, because the metal frame is also slightly wider here. Overall, however, the design changes between the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series and its predecessors are limited.

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