Rockstar parent company wants Zynga to convert its biggest series into mobile games

Grand Theft Auto’s parent company Take-Two just bought Zynga in a virtually unprecedented $ 12.7 billion deal, and part of the argument is that it wants the opportunity to use some of their biggest console and PC brands Bring gaming features to mobile devices.

In one (n Investor Presentation After the announcement of the deal, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick discussed the deal and presented a slideshow to the investors. On a slide entitled “Product portfolios are very complementary”, Take-Two shows how the company’s respective games and studios can be used together.

Of particular interest to many fans will be the Take Two series of games, which will feature greats like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock and Mafia along with a headline that says “Opportunity to take advantage of the console / PC features of.” Bring Take-Two “listed on mobile and add new game modes.” These games are paired with a list of Zynga’s in-house studios with a “track record of successful mobile game development.”

Take-Two's slide about synergies with Zynga.  (Image credit: Take-Two)

Take-Two’s slide about synergies with Zynga. (Image credit: Take-Two)

In a Q&A segment, Zelnick made this point and discussed the advantages of the deal: “Perhaps above all we have the ability [with Zynga] – from a development as well as from a journalistic point of view – to optimize the creation of new titles; new titles based on Take-Two’s core intellectual property. We believe we have the best collection of console and personal computer intellectual property in the interactive entertainment business – and it’s basically being used almost entirely by mobile devices and free-to-play around the world. “

Zelnick has not indicated what specific franchises are being considered for mobile development, or whether they will come in the form of new games or ports. He also called it “early days” to work together, so it may be some time before we see these projects announced or published.

Even before the Zynga deal, Take-Two’s plans were extensive, aiming to dramatically increase the number of “core” titles released, with 19 games over the next three years.

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