Roblox Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Roblox content creator Benjamin Robert Simon aka Ruben Sim for leading a “cyber mob” which, among other things, publishes “false and misleading terrorist threats”.

As reported by Polygon, the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, November 23rd, alleges that Simon “commits and encourages illegal activities aimed at harming Roblox and its users”. The Roblox Company wants to collect $ 1.6 million in damages and is suing Simon on fraud, breach of contract and four other charges.

Although Simon has been banned from Roblox for years, he found a way by “hacking” and using accounts created by other users. It was originally banned for “harassing users and using racist and homophobic slurs, as well as sexual harassment and uploading photos of Adolf Hitler,” said Roblox’s lawyers.

Recently, Simon posted “Terrorist Threats” that “temporarily paralyze the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco in October”. The lawsuit alleges that Simon and his “cybermob” talked about the April 2018 shooting at YouTube headquarters and allegedly said, “Wait a minute [someone] do it with Roblox. ”

He reportedly continued to post messages suggesting that San Francisco police are “looking for notorious Islamic extremists” at RDC 2021 and posted messages such as “don’t come to RDC tomorrow.” As a result of these threats, RDC was “forced into a temporary lockdown while local police and private security officers searched the facility to secure the facility.” Roblox said it cost $ 50,000 to “investigate and secure the RDC after the incident.”

This isn’t the first issue Roblox – a company now worth more than Ubisoft and Take-Two combined – had to grapple with, as it recently had to stop a number of users who saw the Christchurch mass shootings in New Zealand that began back in the year 2019 readjusted.

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