CMD-X script is arguably one of the best Roblox admin command scripts. Today we are going to tell you what it is and how to get it.

Roblox is an interesting beast. It is a platform where users can come together to imagine, create, share, interact and play a variety of 3D games. On Roblox, you’ll find a dozen user-generated content that is enjoyable. But assuming you’re looking to unlock the hidden aspects of these games, you’re better off using the CMD-X script.

What is CMD-X scripting?

If you are new to the game creation platform and have never heard of the CMD-X admin script, then you are in for a treat. Developed by pigeon#1818 and hz#4777, CMD-X is simply a Roblox admin script that contains over 600 commands.

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Its sole purpose is to add a whole new layer of gameplay to Roblox games, making them more appealing to play. With the CMD-X script, you can make your character fly or jump so high that it can’t be caught.

You can also use it to stun players, turn your character invisible, or start a fire around others and watch them rush in fear. One of the unique feature of CMD-X is throwing ability and apart from that you can drive your character crazy as well.

Enter the CMD-X script

From Reviz to Kohl, Infinite Yield and more, there are a ton of Roblox admin scripts on the web. However, unlike the above, CMD-X, although new, offers a user-friendly GUI that shines. So if you’re already looking forward to getting your hands on it, here’s the only working Roblox CMD-X script to use right now.

Note that CMD-X V2.0.0 is still under development. But we’ll be sure to update this article once the script is live.

How to Run CMD-X Script in Any Roblox Game

Before running scripts in a game on Roblox, one will need to use the services of a reliable Roblox exploit. From Krnl, Fluxus, Synapse X and more, there is a plethora.


So, assuming you haven’t downloaded one yet, just jump into our previous article detailing the best Roblox script runner and/or mine and find yourself something that works.

Once installed, just go ahead and jump into Roblox, then launch any of your favorite games along with the downloaded exploit. Next, copy and paste the script listed above into the box inside the executor.

Once done, click the Attach/Inject button followed by Execute and the script GUI will appear. Now go ahead and enable the commands you want.

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