Risk of winter jackets: why the TÜV warns against winter clothing

TÜV SÜD warns against heavy winter clothing. What at first sounds like a joke has a serious reason: in winter, many drivers don’t think to take off their thick jacket before starting the journey. This creates seat belt slack: “This is the loose or unfitted part of a seat belt on the body. With the automatic three-point seat belt, this slack occurs due to the system due to the stretching of the belt, the film reel effect of the winder mechanism and loose clothing,” explains Eberhard Lang of TÜV SÜD.

Due to thick clothing, the body travels too far before being caught by the belt. But there is also another problem: Due to the clothes, the lap belt does not lie on the hip bone, but on the stomach. The consequences can be fatal, there is a risk of damage to the liver and spleen. Internal bleeding can also occur here.

Before buckling your belt, you must therefore remove thick jackets, scarves, etc. and make sure the belt is in place.

Not only does the TÜV warn against wearing winter clothing in the car, but the ADAC also points out the dangers (we reported).

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