Ringu Is Dead By Daylight’s newest horror collaboration

Sadako Yamamura, better known as the very creepy girl from Ringu, invades Dead by Deadlight as part of the franchise’s later horror collaboration.

The new collaboration announced today will be based on Koji Suzuki’s novel and the original film adaptation. It will “fuse the eerie and melancholy world of Ringu with the twisted fantasy of Dead by Daylight”.

Ringu joins a long line of collaborations that include Halloween, Left 4 Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Resident Evil, and Hellraiser. They feature both heroes and villains from their respective franchises, each with their own unique powers.

Ringu was originally a 1991 novel, the film version of which was released in Japanese cinemas in 1998. It became an instant classic and was later imported to the American audience as The Ring.

Today Sadako is a classic horror figure on a par with Leatherface or Michael Myers (both of whom were also in Dead by Daylight). This is a far cry from Sadako’s first advertising collaboration, which in various places the first throw in a Japanese baseball game and Serve fast food.

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