Researchers are building a robot that flies like Iron Man

Robotics research has come a long way, but we still don’t have the sleek, sophisticated humanoid robots and mech suits that we see in movies. But the researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) got their science fiction dream of one Humanoid robot from the air.

The researchers want to build a triple-threat robot that can fly through the air, walk on the floor on two legs and manipulate objects such as doors and valves. They say that such a robot could help in the event of a natural disaster by inspecting buildings in and around them.

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Have plans to get a robot working has been working at the IIT for several years, and the researchers recently started experimenting with an enhanced version of their iCub robot. The creepy iCub is “the size of a five-year-old,” says the IIT website. “It can crawl on all fours, walk, and straighten up to manipulate objects.” Strap some drive motors to this thing and it becomes the iRonCub.

The iCub robot in child size.  <em>Photo credit: Marco Bertorello / AFP via Getty Images</em>“src =” “class =” jsx-2920405963 progressive- image article-image article-image-full-size jsx-28166087 rounded loading “/></a></p>
<p class=The iCub robot in child size. Photo credit: Marco Bertorello / AFP via Getty Images

The iRonCub, as the name suggests, has motors on its hands and feet that will hopefully allow it to fly like Iron Man. It takes a lot of math to make an Iron Man-like flight possible, so iRonCub isn’t exactly flying through the air yetbut it has to go step by step like the rest of us.

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