Request treatment from AOK, TKK and Co.: Three weeks off from work

A cure generally lasts three weeks. So you are away from work for a long time and need to let your employer know – but when is the right time for this?

According to Section 9 of the Remuneration Continuation Act (EntgFG), you are obliged to inform the employer of the time and duration of the cure as soon as you become aware of it. You must present the following documents:
  • the letter of approval from the health insurance fund
  • a medical certificate confirming the necessity of the measure

However, in terms of working peace with the boss and colleagues, it may also be advisable to do the project announce further in advance. In this way, the cure can possibly be better coordinated with the absences of other employees and the operational processes.

However, this depends on the individual working atmosphere. Important: The employer has no legal basis to prohibit you from following a cure or to order the postponement.

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