Rent a photovoltaic system for your own roof

With rental models of photovoltaic installation for its own roof, such as the one offered by Enpal, the main advantage is obvious: There are no high acquisition costs, a monthly rental fee is due, which provides financial relief. Enpal’s offer is unique and goes even further: this rent, which is only 89 euros depending on the house, includes not only the installation, but also the Enpal full service contain. Means for you: Um Maintenance, repair or insurance you don’t have to worry.

A practical energy storage is also included – this gives you the option of having a Degree of autonomy up to 70 to 80% reach. You can buy excess electricity directly from the Feed the network operators and, of course, allow them to be compensated – the monthly rental costs of the system will be quickly amortized for you.

Owners of an electric car have another advantage: one more wall box is included in the offer. And even with a wall box and an energy storage unit, they remain Acquisition costs for you at 0 euros. After the rental period of 20 years (the amount always remains fixed), you can buy the system for a symbolic euro if you wish. Benefit from an immediate discount of 250 euros with the offer of our partner FOCUS online and Enpal.

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