Remove or eat: what to do with white threads on mandarins?

While some people try to carefully remove the white threads, doctors and researchers recommend eating the so-called “mesocarp”, ie the white between the flesh and the skin.

Because even if the consumption seems unappetizing, the mesocarp contains a lot of vitamin C and many secondary plant substances such as flavonoids, which strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms and can also protect against cancer, among other things.

In addition, white threads contain a lot of indigestible fiber, which stays in the digestive system longer and has a satiating effect, as it suppresses the feeling of hunger.

The same goes for all other citrus fruits, for example oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. In the future, do not pluck the mesocarp, and you will not only save time, but also do something good for your body.

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