Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released early yesterday, and Xbox Game Studios’ decision to release it on Steam along with the Xbox PC app seems to have already worked very well.

As per SteamDB, the game has seen a huge influx of players within the first day of its launch. During the reporting period, Halo Infinite’s top concurrent player hit the quarter of a million – instantly, at 272,856 rank it 22nd. in the highest numbers of players ever on the platform.

This puts the game above Payday 2 and Rust and just below Skyrim and Destiny 2. Since the game peaked on a Monday, it’s quite possible that it will climb those charts this week.

While the stats on the Steam version of Halo Infinite are impressive enough on their own, getting the game released on the platform became all the more important given that a number of other platforms the game runs on had launch issues in the hour after the announcement.

Many of the players who tried to access the game on the Xbox PC app yesterday have encountered issues where the game did not appear to start properly. This appeared to be due to an issue with an update that wasn’t showing up for download. While the Xbox PC app had a pre-installation size of 200MB, the Steam version instead had a file size of around 26GB and allowed players to run the game as intended.

Issues with the Xbox PC app version of the game have since been fixed, although it’s still unclear whether the issues caused another influx of players who chose to make the leap to the Steam version of the game.

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While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer appears to be getting off to an extremely successful start, there are a number of factors that likely contributed to it. First and foremost, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free, which means fans have nothing to lose by taking part in the action.

But even before yesterday’s release, the anticipation was great. Many players have been waiting to play Halo Infinite for months after the game was delayed last year. While delays can sometimes be a bad omen for a game at launch, many fans were excited to jump into Infinite’s multiplayer after positive reports from previously conducted technical previews of the game.

Since Infinite has already amassed a large number of players since its release, it will be interesting to see how the game fares over the weekend. This is usually a time when games are seeing higher numbers of players, and Microsoft will certainly hope that Infinite will continue to climb the charts on a number of platforms.

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