Twitch streamer Ludwig – who broke records for his subscriber numbers on the platform – is pulling out and announcing that he has signed exclusively for YouTube Gaming.

The streamer announced the move on Twitter (below), where he shared a short clip showing him and a friend switching from one car with Twitch’s iconic purple color scheme to another in YouTube red before the The words “Stream Exclusively on YouTube” Play “appear.

During the clip, the two of them talk about a range of topics, from hairline cracks to Clifford the Big Red Dog, before nodding on Twitch’s DMCA music strike as well: “Don’t you get in trouble playing music?” Asks his friend . “Not in this car,” replies Ludwig.

Earlier this year, Ludwig broke Twitch’s subscriber record during a 31-day non-stop stream, overtaking previous owner Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The plan for the stream was to let it run until people stopped subscribing – with each additional subscriber to the channel adding ten seconds to the time. While the streamer initially thought the event might last a day or two, it ran for a month during which he kept the stream going day and night.

While Ludwig’s move to YouTube Gaming is certainly significant to the platform, he’s not the first major streamer to make the move recently. Earlier this year, prominent Call of Duty Warzone streamer TimTheTatMan made the leap, while other creators like CouRageJD, LazarBeam, and Valkyrae have taken similar steps in the past.

Despite the fact that Twitch will likely hope other streamers don’t follow suit, the company gave a stylish response to Ludwig’s move on Twitter: “You’re a mogul in every way, Ludwig. Good luck and keep up the big things out there. “

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