Rapper defends his dinner choice with Boosie over $ 20K

Roommate, Boosie is always doing something to get people talking, and today it’s no different. He has a rapper named Lon6z as a topic of discussion after deciding to have dinner with him instead of receiving $ 20,000 earlier this month! It all started when Boosie sent out a tweet! Lon6z sent the rapper a DM and the rest was history!

On December 8th, Boosie tweeted, “I have a question for you guys. Let me see who’s smart Dinner with Boosie or 20 thousand? ”Lon6z replied,“ F ** k $ 20K, what’s for dinner? I’m otw. ”Several people have spoken about the interaction on Twitter, and not all are happy with the upcoming rapper’s decision. One tweeted, “That was a smarter game of chance. A music video for dinner and a verse by Boosie. How many people have begged him for 20,000? “Another tweeted,” Idk whether I should clown him for dinner selection or try and meet Boosie for that $ 20,000. “

We contacted the rapper exclusively and asked why he decided to have dinner. Born Allante Deville Debrill, the rapper, said: “I’m a prostitute; I just felt that this was the way to go. My gut feeling always leads me to the sack and Boosie is one of the most knowledgeable OGs out here. “

He went on to explain, “This is just the beginning of many trains to come. I also have a feature and Hella gemstones, so I’ve basically already made 20k and more! “

The two collaborated on Lon6z ‘song’ Run It Up 2.0 ‘, which pays homage to his organization Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., which has 38,000 views on YouTube.

Roommate, do you think his decision to have dinner was a wise one ?!

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