Rainbow Six Siege has changed creative director for the third time

In the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft announced the appointment of a new Creative Director.

As revealed on Ubisoft’s website, the game’s current creative director, Leroy Athanassoff, will leave Siege to work on other game projects developed by Ubisoft. Siege’s art director, Alexander Karpazis, will take on the role. This change in staff marks the third time the game has introduced a new creative director in its nearly seven-year life.

In view of his departure, Athanassoff spoke briefly about his decision to leave the office. “I wanted to let you know that for personal reasons I will be giving up my role as creative director at Siege to pursue other opportunities at Ubisoft,” said Athanassoff in a statement.

“I’m not taking this decision lightly – I love this game and this community, and I’m so proud of everything our team has achieved together over the past two years – but I’m confident it is the right one and the team has me fully supported. Don’t worry, I won’t go too far and I have a feeling that my journey with this incredible game is far from over. “

While Athanassoff’s time in the position may be coming to an end, the creative director praised his successor, Karpasiz. “Having worked with him for four years, I can not only confirm his ability and talent, but also his passion for victories. I’ve seen firsthand his dedication to creating fun, addicting features that fans will doubt he will continue to build on this amazing game and bring even more content and innovation to Siege players. “

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As part of the same post, Karpasiz delved into his own journey with Siege that began when the project was back in alpha and entered tournaments as a fan. The newly appointed creative director has worked on Siege at Ubisoft for the past four years and thanked Athanasoff for his mentorship during that time before reaching out to the game’s community briefly.

“[Athanassoff’s] taught me what exemplary leadership, creativity and passion look like in the position of creative director, ”says Karpazis. “Leroy’s hard work will be evident in future seasons as the team and I prepare for one of the most ambitious years in Siege history. I am very humble about the trust the team has in me and I hope to gain the trust of the community in my new role too. “

Even though the online tactical shooter is moving into the seventh year since its release, it remains popular with its community. While the game has seen a slight decrease in the number of players over the past few months (as indicated by data published by SteamDB), Ubisoft continued to show support for the shooter and created a slew of new content for fans to immerse themselves in. Most recently, this was in the form of the Siege’s Snow Brawl event, which brought with it a winter theme and played out a bit like an international snowball fight.

To stay tuned as Rainbow Six Siege takes the direction of its new lead, check out our dedicated page for the game, which is full of news, trailers, and clips from the online shooter.

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