Quentin Tarantino is writing a book with a bizarre backstory in the universe … about him

Quentin Tarantino returns to the world of his 2019 film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, this time with a book that focuses on Leonardo DiCaprio’s actor Rick Dalton. There is a twist, however; Tarantino says the book was written by himself from a separate, alternate version of history.

In an interview with rich, the director described the strange project called The Films of Rick Dalton, and it contains the full filmography of Dalton’s fictional work. Tarantino says it was inspired by books from the 1970s where people could read up on their favorite actors.

“Did you know that in the 1970s you could get books like The Films Of Charles Bronson, The Films Of Anthony Quinn? Well, that’s it, “said Tarantino.” It gives you a little quickie biography of his life. And then it goes through the career. “

The concept seems simple enough, but it is the backstory for the author of the book that makes things confusing. While “Quentin Tarantino” will appear on the cover, it’s not the same Tarantino who directed “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” in our universe – it’s Quentin Tarantino in the alternate universe of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

In the interview, Tarantino painted a picture of the universe in which Tarantino met Dalton at a 1998 Hawaii film festival, long after Dalton retired from acting.

“He’s coming to the hotel I stay in and there’s Rick! He’s about 40 pounds heavier, but there he is,” Tarantino said. “So we have a ball and he’s a really nice guy and my film is showing and he is showing.”

After spending a good time in Hawaii, the alternative Tarantino apparently decides to host an event celebrating Rick Dalton’s career, followed by a book called The Man Who Would Be McQueen: The Films Of Rick Dalton. That’s a lot of lore for Tarantino fans to chew on.

It’s unclear when it will be released, as Tarantino said, “I’ll probably have to spice it up a bit, but the body of it fully exists.”

Quentin Tarantino’s most notable abandoned (or delayed) projects

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is Tarantino’s ninth feature film and follows the characters of DiCaprio and Pitt finding their way through Hollywood in 1969. Period details are all great. “

This is the second book Tarantino has written about the universe of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and last year published a novel that delves into the backstory of Pitt’s character, the stuntman Cliff Booth. At the time, Tarantino described the novel as a “complete rethinking of the entire story” and not just a novella. The novel eventually revealed new details about Booth, particularly the truth about his wife’s death.

Best known for directing Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, Tarantino plans to retire after his tenth feature film, which means his next could be his last. That being said, Tarantino has several ideas for future films on the table, including Kill Bill 3 and a comedy spaghetti western.

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