Saweetie, Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves and Quavo were the stars of a little tea party on Sunday evening. And the refreshments served by social media users, and later by the celebrities themselves, were definitely hot. The tea party started with an Instagram post from Saweetie and ended with Lil Baby leaving a tough message on Twitter. Let’s get to Chile …

Saweetie posts Mystery Bae

Early on Sunday, Saweetie announced the moment that dozens of roses had been delivered to her. She appeared to be in a recording studio but did not provide any details or words about the sweet gesture.

A few hours later, the ‘Icy’ rapper posted a photo dump on Instagram. The carousel-like post contained selfies, moments with fans, shrill Odys shots and a Chanel wallet sitting on a piano. However, it was the final slide of the slider that got social media detectives to work! Saweetie took a mirror selfie, which she captured while sitting on the lap of a mysterious bae. Almost immediately, social websites exploded with users voicing their theories about who the partially hidden person might be.

Social user name Lil Baby

From the Nigerian artist Olamide to 42 Dugg, suspicions kept coming up. Then a post on Lil Baby’s official Facebook account painted a different picture. Apparently, Lil Baby recently wore dark pants and black shoes to match the ones on Saweetie’s Mystery Boo. The Facebook post is from Nov. 18 with the headline “There are only a handful of real ones, the people are cheesy.” It includes a still photo and video of baby showing his drip in a mirror. The video’s caption reads “It’s a cold cold world”. As expected, social media users put two and two together – right down to the accents on shoes and pants. The side-by-side comparison quickly went viral.

Lil Baby deletes a tweet

When online users discussed the suspected couple, it took Lil Baby some time to clean up his Twitter account. Just a few days ago he told the fans “Baby doesn’t date ANYONE” on Twitter. He also confirmed his bachelor’s status with the words “I’m single”. But amid that rumored romance that exploded on Sunday night, the tweet disappeared.

Quavo enters the chat

After drinking this tea for about an hour, Quavo shared his feelings about the situation. He wrote in his Instagram story “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out #QCTheLabel”. While Quavo didn’t mention any names, users ran away with the idea that he was talking about Jayda Cheaves. Jayda, as you may know, is Lil Baby’s ex-girlfriend. She shares a young son named Loyal with the rapper.

Hey Jayda GWORL!

Moments after The Shade Room posted Quavo’s message on Instagram, Jayda popped up on the site. Apparently, she liked the post with Quavo’s suggestion and then declined it. After that, Quavo’s sister decided add their two cents by posting a photo of Jayda on her Instagram story.

Later that evening, Jayda hopped up on her Instagram story with a funny joke. She posted a photo of her trending status on Twitter and wrote, “I don’t even make buns.” Jayda also contained a GIF reaction of a woman eating popcorn.

Little baby speaks

Hours after social media users pinned him as the mysterious Boo, Lil Baby said his post. The Atlanta artist hopped on Twitter and let go of two thoughts while keeping his words free of names.

“B **** is really weird,” tweeted Lil Baby. He went on in a separate post and said, “If you want clout, use BABY.”

Finally, at some point during the entire fiasco, Saweetie republished her carousel of images. The second time, Mystery Man, presumably Lil Baby, wasn’t there. Phew what a party! * sips tea *

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