To update: Following an update, Halo Infinite Multiplayer is now playable on the Xbox PC app, in addition to the Steam and console versions of the game.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released early this morning, but if you’re just trying to play it, the Steam version seems like the only platform the game is currently running on.

Halo Infinite was released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in addition to PC, where you can play it either through the Xbox PC app or through Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam. At the time of writing the Xbox app on your PC or Xbox console, you can “preinstall” the game, but the file size is about 200MB and it doesn’t seem to start properly.

If you want to play on Steam instead, you can install the game with a file size of approximately 26 GB. We tested the Steam version and got into a quick match without any problems.

What happens when you try to play Halo Infinite?

What happens when you try to play Halo Infinite?

While you’re experiencing a similar blue screen issue on Xbox, restarting your console should push an update to your hardware that bypasses the blue screen and allows you to log into Halo Infinite multiplayer.

In addition to releasing on Xbox hardware and PC, Halo Infinite is also coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming, but at the time of writing the cloud version doesn’t appear to be available (yet). While Halo Infinite Multiplayer started early and was eagerly awaited after technical previews, the official Halo account notes that fans should be “patient” as the team tries to iron out any problems from the first day.

the Halo Support Twitter The account also advises that it is aware of the issue with players getting a blue screen when starting the game. The tweet noted that an update should be arriving soon and that the team is working hard to roll out the game so everyone can enjoy it.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Halo Infinite Multiplayer Pictures

While Halo Infinite Multiplayer is now available, those who want to play the single player campaign will have to wait a bit when it launches on December 8th.

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